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Tournament Shooters?

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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby Bill Grenoble » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:30 pm

rwsbow wrote:Hey Mr. Bill....
Could you describe your bows a little more...are the homemade, bought, poundages,lengths?
Wooden arrows now but what did you shoot in earlier times..aluminum,wood,etc?
I know you still compete (socially) a lot and to meet and talk with friends, but there's a lot of knowledge you have that I'd like to learn about..Any chance you would share it if I ask the questions? (Pretty please??!!)
Kinda thinking about competing again..miss the comaraderie !!

Jolly Roger!!!

I started out shooting wood, for a short few months in 1958, went to aluminum, and shot nothing else all my life. Just went back to wood two years ago, shooting 3-D, mostly sitka spruce. When I want to shoot aluminum for 3-D with a glass lam bow, I shoot either a 64" one piece Chaparral, a 68" TD Bingham I built, or my favorite is a double carbon TD by Ernie at Sapphire Archery. When I shoot wood, I have some bows I choose from. A 66" 43# Dryad Hunter or 66" 41#Soothsayer, a hickory selfbow, or the above Chaparral or Bingham will shoot wood well, but in the primitive class, it must be an all wood bow. For field shooting in the trad LB class, it's a no brainer, 64" Chaparral or 68" Bingham, and Easton Eclipse 1814 arrows. My Dryad bows are fast becoming my go-too bows, they shoot wood & aluminum very well. If my release and everything is working well, I can shoot my old Easton 1812 arrows from my compound days, I still have about 15 dozen left. They are extremely light (260 grains) and I can only shoot them from a couple of my glass bows, a 36# Chaparral, or a Bingham 37#, they are too light for the Sapphire bow. Ask away, I'll try to answer, but I'm far from an expert on the stuff. To keep from maybe boring the shipmates, here is my email address. Bill
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Bill Grenoble
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby rwsbow » Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:28 pm

Thanks A Lot, Bill,

I WILL be in touch..There's a lot of wisom from you I'd like to learn..!!

Jolly Roger
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby schmaus » Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:07 pm

If any of you folks want to jump in the pickup and drive real fast.....there is a 450 shoot in Billings tomorrow at 10:30. Love to see you there as I need somebody to shoot with. Simple class system in place for this one- Pro division and everybody else. I'm in the "everybody else" which will be sighted compounds all the way down to my longbow. They have tried and tried to offer trad class or barebow classes but it always ends up just me or maybe one other guy so its not worth the effort. Hell I don't care....long as I match one guy shooting a sighted compound I go home pretty happy. If you got the inclination....come on over!
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby JimmyFingers » Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:28 am

Sarting in January, I will be shooting 3-D every weekend that I can afford to shoot...I dont hunt much, if any, and 3-D is what I thrive on...I am ina winter spot league right now, (Compound) and We will start an indoor 3-D/paper animal target leaugue soon...The bowshop/Club that I belong to also has about 17 3-D animals outside, and if the weather is mild enough, I will shoot those from different positions/ranges as soon as it warms up, or I get tired of being indoors...We have some really nice, well-run 3-D shoots around here, with folks that are out to have a good time, but also to try to seriously shoot well..In ANY class...If a Trad shooter can consistantly win , or even place in the top 5 at 3-D shoots from My area south to the Dayton/Cinci area, He/She can shoot well anywhere in the USA...I can think of at least 2 doz. archers, that compete in any classes that I shoot in, within 2 hours of My house, that are good enough to place in the top 10 at the I.B.O. Worlds, or Triple Crowns..There are at least 5 guys at My local hangout/bowshop, that have placed at the Worlds, or won the Triple Crown...Seriously...A couple of the fella's at the local shop that have helped Me out with My shooting were at one time some of the best 3-D shooters in the eastern USA, one placed 3rd in the Worlds,in Open class, the other fella won the Nationals, and for years, when He went, placed well...Ohio is the birthplace of 3-D, and the I.B.O., and even at most of the local shoots, downsouth of here, there will be folks shooting in about every Class..I went to a shoot last spring, and shot with Tom A., and in Recurve Unaided, there were about 7 shooters...This was in the first week of March, and it was still cold...Some of these shoots will have 10 to 15 shooters in the Longbow class alone...From late winter, to late summer/early fall, I try to do as many as I can..I'm, not good at it, but I really enjoy it...Jim
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby KCummings » Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:37 am

"I'd also like to start a Trad Shoot on the guest ranch at some point and have even promised Hank it will be the first "clothing optional" shoot in the U.S."

Better open up your stance...


I usually shoot in a number local 3D tournaments each year. In the winter, I will shoot a few 300 round tourneys if they are close but around here, there really aren't that many competitors. There are three of us from our local range that like to shoot together and in all honesty, one of us usually ends up winning, and the other two are second and third. That's not saying much because there may only be 6 or 8 people shooting in our class. (traditional)

Our goal last year was to shoot in the IBO worlds, just to say we did it. We traveled to an IBO qualifier and all qualified but when it came time, I couldn't make it due to some health problems my Mother was having, so none of us went. Maybe another time.

I'm not that competitive really. If I go to a tournament and shoot a PB, it doesn't really matter much to me where I am in the standings. I tend to base things on how I shoot compared to what I know I'm capable of. On the other hand, if my shooting sucks and I happen to win, to me that just means everyone else sucked more. Not a lot of joy in that really.

This is supposed to be fun for me, nothing more. If it starts to get an more serious than that, it stops being fun and I don't want to do it.

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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby shafted » Sat Dec 22, 2007 5:07 pm

Well..I like the competition part of archery. I go to a lot of 3-D's during the spring and summer, used to do maybe 30 shoots a year but with the ripoff gas prices have toned it down a lot. If it's just a fun shoot and not competitive I don't go, no interest in shooting rapid fire, bow birds, fun and giggles stuff, not for me. Competition gets the juices flowing good and is just plain fun to try to shoot your best you can and better the score you shot at the same location in years past..snag

Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby BLACK WOLF » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:53 am

I loooove competeing...formal or informal...when I can find the time.

Ray ;)
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby Jim Casto Jr » Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:34 pm

I've never really shot in any formal competitions. I've shot a few years at Cloverdale, and the ATAR, but it was more like a 3D shoot with the guys. I've been giving some serious thought to shooting the IBO circuit this summer. I know I wouldn't be competitive, but it's just one of those I'd like to do. I'll probably head to Cleveland, OH in March for the indoor Worlds just to see what's going on.

JC J.C....If You go to Cleveland for the indoor Worlds, let Me know, I might be going up there, with some fella's from the shop..Maybe, but either way, I'd enjoy meeting You there...Look for the short fat ugly guy carrying a Hoyt UltraTec, blue/silver flame color, and wearing a leather back quiver...L.O.L...Jim
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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby SureShot » Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:02 pm

I shoot FITA (olympic) recurve mainly. I shoot as many tournaments as I can get to. I also shoot 3D and field, again, when I have time. 3D with trad gear and field with what ever strikes my fancy at the time. Last field shoot I was able to go to was TSAA State Field in Eagle Lake, I shot it with my trad bow. Targets were from 5 meters to 60 meters. I was the only one that shot both days with a trad bow. There was another guy with a trad bow the first day but he didn't come back for day 2. I took second.

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Re: Tournament Shooters?

Postby Hank » Sat Jan 05, 2008 7:42 pm

Nice to have you aboard Edward, hope all is well with you. :)
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