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In search of Oneida bow

This is your own personal Pirate yard-sale.

In search of Oneida bow

Postby Wildcat43 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:27 pm

Any age really, in at least a fixable condition, I work in an archery shop and need some thing to tinker with
I've always had an eye for these bows and I'm wanting to put my own touch to one, maybe putting some rattle snake skin on the limbs and hanging a few turkey feathers, putting a traditional look on semi modern design, a Franken-bow really :twisted:
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Re: In search of Oneida bow

Postby Hookeye » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:57 pm

LFM and BE2 proly the better fingers rigs, but prices are silly anymore.
Older rigs.......if you don't get one that fits right up front, it can be expensive converting them.

FWIW I bought another Aeroforce last Xmas, medium, 60-80#. Not perfect but decent, cost me $200.

What draw length and # you looking for?

There are a couple of Oneida specific sites, members have classifieds. Bowfishing sites also have a fair number of Oneidas in the for sale.

I wouldn't get anything older than an Aeroforce. Smaller pylons a little more quiet, and the modules for draw length.
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