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Talking about your products.

This forum is dedicated to the bowyer and his craft. This is the place to talk building techninques, design/theory, and anything about enhancing performance. Anything about bow building is welcome here. All build alongs will be housed in the sub-forum below.

Re: Talking about your products.

Postby Ibex » Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:45 am

I don't have no stinking products. LOL
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Re: Talking about your products.

Postby KCummings » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:11 am

Every product I ever came up with was stolen by leegee. He'll be hearing from my attorney soon.



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Re: Talking about your products.

Postby angelstaff » Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:38 pm

Kirk, his large collection, each time you make a new one will notice the improvement, congratulations on these bows
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Re: Talking about your products.

Postby Crooked Stic » Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:03 am

Good lookin stuff Kirk. Just hope mine shoots half as good as they look.
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Re: Talking about your products.

Postby Feral Donkey » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:59 pm

Feral Donkey wrote:This is how I'm looking at the spam issue. See, I don't want to have rules. I'd like to leave it up to people's sense of common courtesy to others in their trade and basic professionalism. The line to cross is big and fuzzy. Crossing that big, fuzzy line is a really selfish act that's not fair to your colleagues and makes the person doing it look slippery and reflects bad on this place. There's no real issue with this yet and there will not ever be an issue with this. That's why I posted this so it doesn't happen. Like I said, I don't want to have to have rules. We're all grown-ups here. An armed society is a polite society so a lot of you are armed with moderator powers. Keep America beautiful. Don't be afraid to step up and take action to preserve your awesome forum.

Now that being said, We don't care that you talk about your products. As a matter of fact, we like it a lot because we're all learning and growing because of it. Let's keep it in the spirit that it's always had, which is an atmosphere of learning and exchanging ideas. Just don't try to put up a blatant advertisement, where it's extremely obvious that the thread has nothing to do with exchanging ideas, but everything to do with selling your stuff. Just don't do that and we're all good. The line is big and fuzzy, just the way we like it. Let's keep it easy and friendly like that. I thank you all for your participation. :D
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