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Aldo Leopold's Yew Bow design...

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Aldo Leopold's Yew Bow design...

Postby Cutty » Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:46 pm

So, someone who knows something about building Yew bows give me your thoughts on ol' Aldo's design---

"I have tried to build into this bow the main recent improvements in bow-design, but since some of them are not visible, they will bear mention. The square cross section and waisted handle are, of course, visible innovations, but probably less important than the new location of the geographic center. In former days this was put close under the arrow plate, but in this bow it lies as near the center of the handle as is possible without overworking the lower limb. In a 31?2" handle I have found this spot to be 11?2" below the arrow plate. Some authorities make it 13?4", but I know from observation that these too-modern bows never appear at two successive annual tournaments, or if they do, they are "on crutches" and ready for premature pensioning to some idle peg on the bow-rack."

My first thought was-- Where's the center of gravity in 'curves versus longbows? Fita rigs versus Hill style bows?

I've been on this journey of trying to understand how HH bows should be shot and thanks to Hank, and earlier Stagmitis, I finally think I understand the basics-- the light went off last week when Hank Pm'd me some old info from a Longbow Digest, and I can say, if the center of gravity of a bow that's meant to be shot HH style isn't in the center of the hand, it's in the wrong place.
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