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Topic: Reducing TD LB Hand "Buzz"

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Topic: Reducing TD LB Hand "Buzz"

Postby standswittaknife » Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:14 am

I'm an aspiring bow builder, and have honestly really come a long way in building bows. I just finished two TD longbows and love them. Other than I got in a hurry and took the fadeouts off the wrong side of the walnut/zerbra riser, i'm very happy.

When shooting them, they do have a slight buzz in the hand, though not too bad at all. My limb make up right now is:


If i use a reverse taper system with one parallel and two tapers. will this reduce the buzz. Again, I'm splitting some hairs here as it is not bad, but when comparing to professional builders (pronghorn, black canyon) there is some shock. I notice that it looks like pronghorn uses three parallels and BC uses what I believe is a tip wedge (potentially a piece of glass).

Just curious how I can continue to improve my bows. Here are some pics of the two I just finished. thanks for ANY information.
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Re: Topic: Reducing TD LB Hand "Buzz"

Postby Crooked Stic » Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:47 pm

Buzz as you call it can be caused by heavy tips-not enough preload at brace. More reflex in you limb design will help. If it is just buzz and not rattle your teeth out type of thing then I would not get too excited. Also the low stretch strings help stop the limbs cleaner to. Forgot to say limb timing can contribute also.
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