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Texas ebony and pac yew

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Texas ebony and pac yew

Postby chackworth3 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:10 am

I piked this one from 54" 44@28 to 52" 49@27. Texas ebony/ pac yew riser and pac yew limbs. Top full draw pic is 52" and bottom is 54"
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Re: Texas ebony and pac yew

Postby Chemsolder » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:17 pm

Those woods work well together, nice job!
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Re: Texas ebony and pac yew

Postby jeffhalfrack » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:06 pm

Dam 3 if you got to balto' don't leave that one alone :twisted: I just may relocate that for a spell ,, I like it JeffW
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Re: Texas ebony and pac yew

Postby Iktomi » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:19 pm

That's a right pretty bow]
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Re: Texas ebony and pac yew

Postby Jesse » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:50 pm

That is one fine looking bow. Love how short it is too. Well done
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