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Heat tapes....SUCCESS! for $20

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Re: Heat tapes....SUCCESS! for $20

Postby ojibwe » Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:06 am

Thanks tattman..
Did not want to hi jack thread...understand what you are doing,
With that power supply nominally would be 240watts...what gauge nichrome are you using and length?
Also have you checked out some of the latest electric heat controllers using scr,'s they control pretty well.

Re: Heat tapes....SUCCESS! for $20

Postby Chemsolder » Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:14 am

Tattman, been comfortable with house wiring for years, yes using it in this application is not safe. If plugged straight in to a wall outlet mine would burn up and probably make a fire doing it, actually the wires may survive nothing around them would. Math...who uses that for their hobbies...I know I have enouh resistance at 70 inches to not blow the circuit if full power is applied, I also know if it is that wire is amazingly hot, forget foam cutting think more like cutting wood lams by burning through it. This first set is simply trial and error testing outcomes snd finding what is manageable, this is, but by no means ideal. I am planning on pulling a transformer from an old microwave and rewinding the secondary to get a more reasonable power source, that as well as actually using math on the next set of strips to find a proper length based on the power at hand.
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