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This forum is dedicated to the bowyer and his craft. This is the place to talk building techninques, design/theory, and anything about enhancing performance. Anything about bow building is welcome here. All build alongs will be housed in the sub-forum below.


Postby bow101 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:06 pm

On average how much weight does adding fiberglass to a bws limbs add. e.g. Bow has weight of 30# without glass by adding glass to back and belly does it add 10# or more..?
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Re: Glass

Postby Chemsolder » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:38 pm

My guess is yes likely more...Never made a bow and added glass after it was done always laminated the glass onto the bow as it was being built course others have done a lot more than me. To give you an idea I use calipers and measure my limbs down to the .001 of an inch when laying up a bow. A for instance is my last bow was a 60" ntn reflex deflex longbow the wood lam stack was .219 on the back and belly was .050 glass total limb thickness was .319 the bow came out at 45lbs @ 28'. There are a ton of variables though just no way to know what you will get on yours. All this is assuming you are talking about Gordons Glass and not some fiberglass tape or something too. Really a ton of more info about the bow and product you are using is needed.
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