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static tip rules of thumb?

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static tip rules of thumb?

Postby Justinbullseye » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:44 am

I am wondering if we can make some generalizations about static tips, straight or recurved..
First, if your tips aren't 100% ridgid is it still going to be faster than a bow with one who's tips work more? Or are you just adding weight until you get them non-bending?
Second, is a longer or shorter static tip going to be better for a lighter weight arrow? I've seen some comparisons with different ratio working limb:static tip holmegaard bows but their bows broke and came out different weights. The question is more for 10+ gpp hunting arrows vs 8- gpp for targets. I understand OL says faster will be faster regardless of grains. Wondering if your tests differ..
Thanks guys!
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