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Noxious weeds

Farming for Big Game and Game Birds

Noxious weeds

Postby Gino Bruno » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:21 am

here i am a licensed applicator and i am baffled at what to use for taking out common bugloss without wiping out legumes like clover and alfalfa. i have yet to try sley but any of the chemicals like 2D4, weedmasters ect get laughed at by bugloss..... and most of those will wipe out legumes. even glyphosphate ("round-up") has very minimal impact on bugloss with a heavy surfactant as does "curtail."

i have talked to the washington state department of ag and they say that the first year is the worst and that the alfalfa will choke out the bugloss in the second year and the regular cuttings will also help. as far as i am concerned, that is BS. all of the local fields are full of it even after they are a couple years established.

i'd just like to keep my stands as weed free as possible to extend the life, any ideas?

btw, i'll have to post a pic of the quick detatch colapsable spray boom that i built for our place last spring to work with any spray truck set-up. it works slicker than snot and can be mounted and plummed (fittings are all quick detatch) in about 1 minute on any spray truck or skid sprayer with a hitch receiver. extended, it will spray a 30ft swath in a pass. i ended up building a 200 gallon skid sprayer as well so i didn't have to bring work trucks home and beat the hell out of them in the pasture. weighs about 175lbs empty with the pump and hose reel (i added that for spraying around the house while i was at it :ugeek: ) and i can get it in my rig with no problem.
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Re: Noxious weeds

Postby topcamp » Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:34 am

sley is over priced.............i use butyeac [2,4-db] ....16oz to 4 gallons......and have good luck on broadleafs........bugloss must be atopting genetically.........a lot of stuff back here is beginning to eat glyphospate for lunch..........but so far i can get most stuff knocked down enough that one or two cuttings once a plot is established will last 3 years before you have to replant.

you want to spray your sethoxydim [ post ] with crop oil about 48 hrs before you do your broadleaf...........i usually run my post at 6 oz + 6 oz crop oil to 4 gallons .........grass being a bigger problem on my clover plots than broadleaf.............

get your clover in early so that it can get a jump on the trash.........if you have decent should be able to get a great stand .........and remember.........deer eat a lot of what we call trash again.....other than grass.......cutting a couple times in the summer will probably keep the broadleafs down to just an extra salid for the deer...............
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