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I blame you guys for this!

Every Pirate has a few few firearms stashed here and there. This is a place to talk about everything from front-stuffers to machine guns and everything in between.

Re: I blame you guys for this!

Postby Sewer Rat » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:00 pm

Feral Donkey wrote:Let me know how much work you have to put into that 80% 1911, Sewey.

Got sidetracked to the sidetrack..... 80% poly glock compatible frame.... will do that this spring and then the 1911...

Re the 1911, looks as easy as with the ar frames, a coupla drilled out holes and then the slide groove.... like I could do it with my dremel.... only gonna use the drill press so I can pretend to be a metal wizard like you :D
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