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Re-Trad Archery & Turkey Island Longbows

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Re-Trad Archery & Turkey Island Longbows

Postby Jett » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:50 am

Dave & I are getting some stock built up & are hoping to attend WTT in April - or at least have some of our bows attend - but, hopefully, one or both of us will be there in person. I've been picking up some more used & collectible bows too. I was hoping to add a line of basket quivers, trapping baskets & fishing creels but that's on hold for a while; my basket weaver (Nancy) just broke her tibia & fractured her shin the entire length - OUCH!

Still experiencing some annoying problems with our web host, but you still find our contact info there (or just PM here).

In the meanwhile, Dave's going to work on some recurve forms & I'm going to try my hand at some simple D longows (Yikes!!!).

BTW - Anyone got a good source for red-heart wood? If so, gimme a holler. Also, willing to do trades on bows & etc.

Have a good one, Jett
"Plungers are for toilets." - Hank
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