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'Widder Paradox Channel

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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby Registered Lurker » Tue Jan 15, 2008 4:21 am ... 2&ref=6119

Holy crap !! Did a search to see where to get the stuff and had no idea how much it cost.

I get it from work [didn't say that out loud did I?]
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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby Feral Donkey » Tue Jan 15, 2008 2:05 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I wrapped the grip on my longbow in that stuff!! I just found a roll and mumified it! :lol:
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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby kawika b. » Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:43 pm

Are all the PTFE Glass Cloth Tapes the same (to a degree) or would it be best to use this particular one?
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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby Registered Lurker » Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:32 am

This is the only one I have access to so it's the only one I have ever used.

Don't know about any other brand/type.
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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby Gino Bruno » Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:24 am

good video of arrows coming off the bow

this one is good at the 3 minute mark ... re=related

this next guy needs to tune his bow :D

here is something i thought was interesting....... glad i went back to my old doty rest on my compound :D ... re=related
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Re: 'Widder Paradox Channel

Postby Buck&ear » Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:16 pm

I uses Gylon gasset materiel on my Widder shelf. Its 3ply but only 1/16 thic.
For the site window I use Garlock bout 1/32 thic. The Garlock is ribbed and run the ribs with the arra.
The closer to the site window the betters. :D
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