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Shot Execution/Release

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Shot Execution/Release

Postby Hank » Thu Jan 10, 2008 1:37 pm

We always hear talk about shot execution, which is very important, but I think if you do not have the proper form for you, or the strength to over power form that is not quite right for you, you will always struggle with consistent shot execution. Once you have a form that works for you and you are in total control of the shot, shot execution and everything else just seems so much easier.

Finding your true inline anchor point (front to back) and having the drawing elbow in the right place (up and down) just makes the release seem effortless....... even a dead release.
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Re: Shot Execution/Release

Postby Feral Donkey » Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:20 pm

Pointing you bowarm and holding it there like it's shooting a laser beam and the arrow is a laser guided misile makes everything else so less significant as well.

I was trying to shoot the compound last night. Didn't work out too hot. I was spraying them all over the place. I was going through the proper routine and was still shooting like shit. Well, I cought myself trying to shoot it like a rifle. I was sighting it. It's not a rifle, it's a damed bow. I then pointed my bowarm at the target every time and held it on there, let the sight float in there somewhere, focused on the little "x" in the middle, and let it shoot its self. X, X, X, 5, 4 and a few of my arrows are dented pretty badly as a result but they still shoot well. I was too damned tired to shoot for score at that point because I spent all that time chasing my tail, trying to figure out what was wrong when all along it was something so damned simple.
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Re: Shot Execution/Release

Postby cst » Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:51 pm

Man, if you are using sights (front and back) it is super easy. Circle, circle, dot, dot. Just like a cootie shot. Go for concentric circles. Find the center of the center and put the dot there. Easy greasy. Some of these guys that I have shot with recently will hold for 20 seconds or more and then change the weighting on their bows because they start shaking. I don't get it. Even when I shot compounds (one with 80% letoff) I didn't bother holding that long. Maybe I cant concentrate (focus damnit!) long enough or I am weak or something but it seemed like wasted energy. Once the sights are lined up, they pretty much don't get any more lined up the longer you hold.
Back to what you were saying Feral. I always thought of the bows I shot with sights the same way I thought about guns with sights. I used em like they were meant to be used and that was that.
Three x, a five and a four? Not too shabby.
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