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Shooting Games...lets here them...

A place to discuss shooting styles, form, aiming systems, experiences, etc...

Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby Hornseeker » Sat Jul 19, 2008 6:58 pm

Alright, what kind of "games" can keep this stuff interesting (personally...I can shoot arrows into a friggin piece of foam at 10 yards and stay interested for hours...but simple minds are easy to please :D )

SO...does anyone play Crickett with bows? I think that would be fun...done it with darts LOTS back in college.

How about kicking a basketball out and everyone shooting at it?

How about the "clout" or similar long range stuff??

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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby cst » Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:33 pm

I like to shoot bottle caps. I hang them with some string and get them swinging. That is fun and will either sharpen you up or get you cussing. I also shoot at old useless arrow shafts that I hang on the target. Aluminum shafts make a great sound as you cut them down. This stuff aint no fun if you are closer than 20 yards and is surprisingly difficult for me past 30. Discs are also good. Whether you throw them or roll them on the ground. Sk38 and I play follow the leader sometimes, one guy makes a shot from a goofy angle/distance and then the other follows.
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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby Spider 1 » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:12 am

clout would be fun if I had the room. Usually I just go into the woods with friends and shoot stumps. We take turns picking targets, then we fetch our arrows and from the spot the next "target picker" found his arrow is the next spot we shoot from. Sometimes targets can be tough to find and often eat up arrows on the way! But great practice for yardage estimation.
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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby tminish » Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:04 am

My Dad, My Brother and I invented "archery horse shoes" a few weeks ago.. it's a blast...

Stick two wooden dowels in the ground, and then stick those foam "noodles" that are for playing in the water with over them. We cut the noodles in half so they're only about 3ft. Judo points work best for this. Scoring is pretty much just like horseshoes. We added one rule though, if you break someone elses arrow, you win automatically. We also didn't play in teams, so we didn't have a team standing at the other end while we were shooting at it. :shock:
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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby Jacko » Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:34 pm

On practice sessions set aside for focus I try to shoot a group of arrows to form a geometric shape , other times as many letters of the alphabet as I can string together . Then in a drill for judging distances from a random point I will walk up 7 paces and back 4 then forward 4 and back 7 then add them together add six and walk forward 6 then back 11 . What ever numbers pop into my head .

A young lady in our club aims for imagined male bits of the standing bear targets in our club shoots . Last I heard she didn't have a boy friend

regards Jacko

Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby rhust » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:03 pm

Tennis ball thrown to different places, us a judo or blunt and try and hit it
Hang a ping pong ball on a string in front of the target and try to hit it (if you want to make it real hard swing it)
Play tic tac toe with a buddy
Use blunts on a soccer ball
Have your buddy throw up a weighted 1 litter coke bottle and try and hit it.
When stump shooting with a buddy, closest to the spot picks the next target
Try to shoot the other guys nock off. (Can be tough on arrows:)
Shoot a speed round with a friend and see who puts the most arrows in the kill
Shoot from weird angles, laying down, standing on one foot ect.

These are just some of the games we play. This is my favorite kind of shooting. We always have a great time.
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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby Spider 1 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:33 pm

At a 3D shoot I went to this past weekend they set up a few watermellons at varying distances out to 200 yards. For a buck/3shots, the closest to the farthest watermellon got half the pot. I spent some cash on it and it was a bunch of fun. Now I'm lookin for a place that I can set up a clout target to get a little practice in for next year!

Oh, and the watermellon got hit once, my best shot was 5 ft from it, then we cut it up and handed it out to the kiddies. Tons of fun!
like twenty serpents bound together, hissed the flying arrows feather.
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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby Sparta-T » Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:28 am

I started a LW thread a couple weeks ago called the 10 cent target. On a whim I dug out a pack of rubber blunts and put one on a 100gr BHA so the total weight of the point was the same as my 225gr field point on my carbon arrows. Then I pulled a two liter orange soda bottle out of the bag in the garage. I chose orange because it initally showed up well in the grass. Since I live on two acres, I put it towards the middle of the backyard and was not concerned after a few shots about the arrow bouncing off too far.

If hit solidly near the top, the arrow will end up a good hunting shot (18-25 yards) from the new position of the bottle. If it doesn't skip off very far, I simply picked a different direction and walked off a ways. Then I would turn around, shoot the bottle and pace off the distance. My longest was about 32 yards and shortest was in the 18 yard range. The bottle makes a pleasing "THUMP" sound when hit and some of you POA guys could easily envision it being one of your "favorite" internet personalities if so desired. :P

The label shoots off pretty quickly and the bottle is deformed by several direct hits, so the game changes as you proceed. End shots are obviously more challenging, with far less surface to shoot at. Game on..........

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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby 45-70cannon » Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:15 am

I like the piece about shooting at a soda bottle. I have to sneak those outta the house tho as if the wife sees me with them, she'll take them away from me. Those are for the cat food money. (There's a deposit on them!)
I use a stickinfront of the target, I like putting a wiffle ball hanging from the target and make it swing! (with an arrow). Did that one year at the New England sportsmen's show, in front of a crowd of about 300 on lookers. Made the wiffle ball swing, first on the right side, then on the left side and then I drilled the ball. Just havin' a bit of fun at 18 yds.
They thought I was a shooting GOD. I was having fun!
I also like the noodle thing and I am going to set up something like that in the woods behind my house. I have a four inch by six inch piece of foam on a stump out there now that I shoot from different yardages , and adding the noodles will definitely do something to the ol' concentration.
I don't use judos but use 38 brass shells mounted on my woods. They hit solid and and don't go under ground either. (And punch a 38 size hole). I ususally hunt squirrels and chipmunks with them. Hit 'em in the head and the head turns into jelly!

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Re: Shooting Games...lets here them...

Postby NJ Longbow Shooter » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:03 pm

Some years ago back when I was a wheel bow shooter a shooting friend came up with the idea of putting a dollar bill on the target and shoot at it from say 30+ yards away. The one that shot closest to George Washington's nose won the dollar. It was fun and no one got broke playing the game. I have since played this game with my son who is now 11 years old while shooting our longbows out in the yard. My yard is on the small side so shots are under 25 yards. Seems my son wins all the time. :mrgreen: any way thats one way to keep the kid interested and having fun with his old man.
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