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What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

A place to discuss shooting styles, form, aiming systems, experiences, etc...

Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Registered Lurker » Fri May 30, 2008 3:36 am

Rethinking some stuff.

More please.
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Yohon » Fri May 30, 2008 4:01 am

I know Tom will add some good stuff but wanted to address a few things that might help. On the empty bale Lenny says its OK to pick a spot on the bale, your only 3 feet away. Remember its there to catch your arrow, thats all. You want to make it soooo easy to get on target that the mind is free to think into other things. We are trying to make the aiming part so simple that its done and forgotten at this point, thats why we are so close. Scatter your arrows, no groups or better yet shot only one arrow at a time, your only 2 steps away. Shot one, let your muscles rest while you think into what you are gonna do with this next bullet. We are trying for perfect reps not a volume of arrows just to say "i shot 2 doz blank bale shots today".
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Penny Banks » Fri May 30, 2008 5:53 am

Tom's help and the bale have helped me a lot over the past few years.

Regarding eyes closed. Being self taught and going back to the mid 50's I picked up a serious bad habit, dropping the bow arm. How many Indians have we seen on TV and the movies who shot the bow and swept the bow arm down as they shot.

Anyway when I realized I had a bad habit and had to break it it was tough. I have found the only way was to use the blind bale. For some reason with my eyes closed I could keep a rock solid bow arm. I still have to go back and use it to get tuned up when that bow arm starts falling with the shot. And that happens more than I want.
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby topcamp » Fri May 30, 2008 5:55 am

"Practice the way you intend to play."

when i first met yohon and we finished pissing on each other's spent [ and still does ]much time talking about you .....tom.......and of course he never stops talking about len. and since then i've had to "suffer" yohons shooting ..............but as i will read everyword you will write about shooting........the above quote is what i will use as the foundation 101 to improve from what you write. i just don't draw and shoot like yohon or joe or hank........i've tried and it doesn't work for me. what does work for me is a shooting style that i worked out for me long ago........a deadly hunting style of shooting..........the finishig "the draw to solid anchor" that i have been working on at my blank bale.....the something that from reading your first installment on shooting i will pursue with a daily mission from now on.....the constant solid anchor is in my own way of......the missing link .......the one thing that sometimes cheats the power stroke.......

i have no desire or intentions of in what life i have left in changing what works so well for me.........i do want to polish and master the why of what makes it work for me.................."Practice the way you intend to play."............ is as good as it gets.......for the first installment.......thanks.
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Spider 1 » Fri May 30, 2008 6:23 am

Brett, I was askin Tom since it's his thread but I am more than happy to get good advice any time I can get it!

Yohon, you said it. One problem I see so many guys do is rapid fire shooting. Like they are in a hurry to finish shooting so the can go mow the lawn or somethin. I have to force myself to take a break in between shots. If I don't, the tendons in my elbows flair up bad and I need to take long breaks to let them cool off. I hate tennis elbow :evil:

I've used blank bale shooting in the past, but usually only to work on form and usually when I've taken long breaks for whatever reason and my form needs working on. I can hang a burlap cloth over my target to give me a blank screen to shoot at, and shoot a couple dozen arrows with a minute or so in between each shot. The one thing in my form that I need the most work on is I find that I keep muscling the string back and holding it with my shoulders instead of my back.

If this is my main focus, should I still release or just let down, wait and draw again making sure I'm drawing and holding with my back?
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby bentbow58 » Fri May 30, 2008 9:24 am

just a note to people who are just starting on the bale.tom , yohon,and steertalker have been schooling me on shooting for about a year.the bale takes some getting used to or understanding.dont give up on it after a week one day it will click like" man this is what im looking for".in the begining it was boring becuase i didnt understand it,now it is always in my practice and is very satisfying.
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Kirkll » Sat May 31, 2008 8:15 am

Good info here....thanks about stiring the pot again.... :D

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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Jim Casto Jr » Sat May 31, 2008 10:28 am

Kirkll wrote:Good info here....thanks about stiring the pot again.... :D

Agreed! You've got us all working on a black bale with our eyes open--now, so it's time for the 2nd installment.
"Archery is really very simple. You just have to do the exact same thing on every shot"
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"Form is everything."
Al Cole, June 7, 2008
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Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby TradArcher » Sat May 31, 2008 11:30 am

I'm back...for a while at least. :D First, let me address those who feel they need to close their eyes to get any benefit from bale work. ...With no intention to raise anyone's dander...and offering that we all have the free will to shoot any way we want, I'd say that IF you believe you NEED to train the bale with eyes closed, likely you're doing one of three things improperly. 1) you're too far from the bale 2) you're not admitting that you have a "touch" of TP 3) You've taken what someone else has told you about shooting the bale and either misintreperited it or simply don't yet understand how to properly use it.

I believe it was Yohon that mentioned that "picking a spot" at 3or4ft is not a problem. What we're really trying to do for ourselves is TOTALLY remove the "pressure" that we put on ourselves when we engage a target. The bale is utilized to totally remove the "aiming/calibration" part of one's shot from the "equasion" and get into either individual form parts or one's shot in total. One should "evaluate" that which you choose to work on first, prior to shot commitment and then subsequent to one's shot conclusion.

Earlier on I offered an example of hooking on the string. This time I'll choose another"part" that one can examine/explore with/on the bale... ANCHOR. Say, you've got those little question marks in the back of your mind and want to "work" on anchor with the bale. Here you want to choose between middle finger/corner of mouth or index finger corner of mouth. The "exercise" is just the same. Take one and work on it 25or so arrows/per bale session.(more if you can handle the focus of concentration necessary. Remember just "throwing" arrows is NEVER gonna get you anywhere.) Do this for a week or two then go to the other and work it for a week or two. I'm sure that you'll come to a conclusion, and in doing so, have both eliminated all but what you want to use AND found what will be most condusive to both consistency and rendering to the subconscious.

Ask more questions about bale. It's REAL important to good shooting. Believe me, I understand that it takes a while to really "get it",but it's well worth the investment in time and effort...... If the bale questions tail off, I'm gonna go to "necessary form parts of the shot."

PS-How's the pot stirrin Jim?

Re: What's it take to execute a "Good shot"?

Postby Jim Casto Jr » Sat May 31, 2008 11:44 am

Stirring great here, Tom. I apprecate your taking the time to offer the insights.
"Archery is really very simple. You just have to do the exact same thing on every shot"
Bill Leslie, July 22, 2017

"Form is everything."
Al Cole, June 7, 2008
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