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Re: Nose to string anchor

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:31 pm
by Gino Bruno
superkodiak38 wrote:I know a lot of people will tell you it matters and that your eye should be over your shaft all that matters in my opinion is that you do it the exact same way every time. Everyone's face is different, all our arms aren't the same length etc. If you can make it repeatable and you are confident with it you can own it.

couldn't have said it better myself.

after busting my hand a year ago in august and not shooting the stickbow for 8 or so months, one thing i have learned is, your form goes back to what works for your body. sometimes i swear that all the internet info that i bought into did more harm than good. while i have learned some very valuable things from guys like joe (njstickbow), yohon, jim etc... most of what i "learned" caused me to force my body into a form that might work for others, but did not work for the way my body is built. with time away from the bow in the off season or in times of stress, my form would many times revert back to what was the correct mechanics for my frame. that was certainly the case after recovering from surgery.

if i have any advice, it is do what feels good for you/something that is consistently repeatable and what your body will revert to in times of stress, don't shoot a "spot" too much, shoot at varying targets at varying distances often, understand that very few people if anybody are as consistently accurate shooting barebow as they are with sights (and accept that fact), and DON'T OVER THINK IT.