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arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

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arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby Simon » Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:35 pm

I recently aquired a Checkmate attila 45#@28 56". And tried shooting the arrows I use for my other recurve which is also 45#@28 and I am having some erratic arrow flight. My arrows are cut to 28.5" and are a 500 spine. 145gr point and 75gr insert. Should I lengthen the arrow or move to a 600 spine? Also I shoot left and with some quick paper tuning the arrows seem to go with the point to right and feather left, which should mean too stiff, right?
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Re: arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby topcamp » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:54 pm

could be.......the checkmate doesn't like shooting off the shelf if that's what your doing......... i can shoot 500's out of my 45 # chastain ......cut to 27.5...........but the hunting shafts weigh in at 630 grns with 30 uefoc........shafts fly perfectly........go figure because basically's like shooting rebar. now to be in the game come baltimore.......i drop weigh down in total arrow weight to shoot and sorta hang with the group as no one ever shoots from the stakes. my hunting rainbow shaft beyond 30 yrds just can't handle that weekend. yet i still get good arrow flight with either 500's or 400's cut to the same length as above and dropping the weight down to playing with some 600's right now with the weight way down around 500 for the balto weekend......that being said.....i can still get good arrow flight from the 500's or 400's bringing them down to the 530 range.........doesn't fit the book.........but i really don't care if they go where i want them too........and they do. now i'm not shooting off the shelf ........but a home made rest out of teflon............three under with an 5/8 above center knocking point......8 in brace height.

now ......i will admit that i'm pretty lucky with these specs because i have a pretty clean release.........screw that up and i will get some shaft act up. but ........basicly.........i really don't do anything by the book so maybe you would be better off getting advice from someone on here like yohon or stykbow.

image of the homemade rest guess would be your getting kick off the shelf or screwing up the release............

but the first thing i would try would be to stick a 175 grn point on and see how that shaft goes down range
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Re: arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby Yohon » Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:30 am

Yeah that sounds stiff. I shoot similar weight/length and cant get a .500 weak enough to shoot good. So if you can get some certainly try the .600 it'll open up options.

You could try a 200 gr field point to see if that weakens you up some to help but carbons seem alot more length sensitive than point weight. If you have any full length .500 start with a bare shaft there and see if you get the left nock/point right, that will tell you to go to the .600.....
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Re: arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby Stykshooter » Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:43 am

arrows seem to go with the point to right and feather left, which should mean too stiff, right?

Actually, if your arrows are impacting with point to the right and fletching to the left, that is too weak for a right handed shooter.

A .500 should be just about right for your set up, and is what I would recommend. Yohon is spot on however about carbons being very sensitive to arrow length. I would do as he suggested and start with one that is an inch or two too long and then cut it off in 1/4" increments until you get the flight that you want. You might end up with an arrow that sticks out a inch or two past the face of your riser but as long as you get great arrow flight, who cares.

I just went through a similar process. A .340 should have been perfect off of the set up I was shooting but it always showed weak. I cut the arrow back in 1/8" increments until I cut 3/4" inch off of them and they now fly like a dart. Most of the charts, and advice, is to use for general guidelines. Every bow, and shooter is a little different.
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Re: arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby Fuzzy Dog » Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:51 pm

Depending on what it is now, you might be able to make the arrows you're using show stiffer by raising the brace height.

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Re: arrow spine and weight for checkmate attila

Postby reddogge » Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:35 am

I'd strip an arrow and shoot it bareshaft. It sounds weak to me. If it flies to the target with a nock left attitude it's weak. I'm shooting 45# and shooting .500 but they are 30.5" with 125 gr points and standard inserts and I only draw 27.5". They do fly nice though out to 60 yards and beyond and pretty flat. I used to shoot .500 cut to 28" with 50 gr insert and 125 gr points and they flew nice too but too short for my aiming system now. I have screw in point from 75 gr all the way up to 175 gr plus 50 gr inserts and I'll use these when tuning. If it shows weak with 125 gr I'll put a 145 gr on and it should show weaker so I know what way to go next. Lots of ways to skin the cat with carbons.
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