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Bender and Cat Whiskers

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Re: Bender and Cat Whiskers

Postby whump » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:16 am

Whump sez; I used rubber bands for years until spinner baits and jigs for bass fishing started using living rubber. The living rubber was easier to work with as far as tying on the string rather than piecing the smaller rubber bands thru the string twist and then tying in place. One piece of the silicone stranded rubber about 1.5" in length 1/2" wide and then tied in place works well for me as far as silencing the string twang. I shot a compound years ago that looked like a rubber band factory .I had rubber bands tied on cables and the string to quiet the bow down. I have a R&D long bow that is real hard to quiet down so I used two pieces about 1/4" wide by 1" oddly spaced on both ends of the string. It's a fast shooting bow but hard to silence. The R&D bow I have that is D when strung was pretty easy to silence with brace height adjustment, but it still required some rubber for hunting.

My Hill Bow is pretty quiet with nothing on the string but I still use small pieces of stranded rubber to quiet it some more. The biggest problem I have seen with noise on any bow is a when a person starts adjusting the brace, they don't work for the most quiet brace height before they start tuning to their arrows. I have been guilty of adding a twist or two afterwards to achieve maximum penetration when tunning up a hunting set up but I have heard people shoot bows with a real low brace and they sounded like the limbs were breaking on the shot.

I would say that probably the best idea if you are shooting carbon or aluminum with a weight system is to add weight to the point if you are border line stiff rather than continuing to twist the string as raising the brace higher and higher robs the arrow of speed due to losing the advantage of limb stroke.of course if you have to add an ounce to the point that robs speed as well. If I didn't hunt and only shot targets I would just adjust brace for the least vibration and tune from there and forget about silencers period.
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