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off season ambition

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:35 pm
by iron mike
well, didn't make the hunt this year,life got in the way, however!!! I've mapped out and hiked new area's that became available to me in the topa topa mountains and got great access through private land on the new tires on the willys jeep"the kind" ndt military type brandy new,just rebuilt the front end of my welding truck rig(the whole shabang) and i'm putting a 65,000 btu heater in my dually for some out of state hunts next year, bought me a horse, he's a long yearling and i've taught him to lie down already...i'll ground break him for at least another year, then i'll start pack'n him. put together a better reloading bench,ordered two dozen more 90 pound cedar shafts, so. it's turning wrenches, training a horse,preparing equipment,workin out the kinks,raising a son and chasing pretty women,and turning a dollar..till the next hunt...dang good country,who needs more than that!