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Arrow Length

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Re: Arrow Length

Postby Bender » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:36 pm

Fuzzy Dog wrote: But, if you're switching from one bow to another, assuming you get a set of arrows tuned for each bow and use them only with that bow - do you need them to be the same length as the sets tuned for other bows?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I should pick one bow, match arrows to it and quit fucking around with all the others, but that ain't real likely.

You are basically gap shooting, yet you haven't taken the next step in that style of aiming. You haven't figured out what constitutes a "gap" for you. Is it "At 20 yards hold the arrow x inches below the spot, at 30 its y inches." or maybe "At 20 yards drop down 2 arrow diameters, etc etc." Once formalized, the gaps are memorized, as a set. One then can have different gap sets for different bows or same bow different arrows, or same bow same arrows different anchors.
For example I have one set up where 20 yards is "2 gaps" down, and and another set up is "1 and a half gaps down."
That is one thing about gap and other conscious aiming systems they open a whole world of bows where you can be a decent shooter with more than one bow. They don't require you to be married to one bow.
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