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tail wag ?

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Re: tail wag ?

Postby jeffhalfrack » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:09 pm

Thanks guys I've been watching this I did leave a small detail out :oops: the self bow I'm working with is a 58" molleagbet bow!!! it pulls 50#@ 26" !! but the thing that may be causeing trouble is maybe when you first string this bow,,,,you would think wow it's a 25#er??? but no, she's a real smooth 50# I changed bh and tried arrows with shorter feathers and I sanded the knocks as not to grab the string too tight I shot a bear shaft test kit. I did hear these like very heavy heads now that life is on cruze control I'll get it to the range and put it through the advise we will see thanks JEFFW
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Re: tail wag ?

Postby DCM » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:44 pm

I'm only 4 months late getting to this party, but right to left tail wag is classic weak spine regardless what the bow is made of, or the center shot. The caveat is if the spine is real stiff it may whack the riser and kick the arrow nock to the left coming off the bow. But that's usually obvious because of the noise and usually doesn't continue to wag all the way to the target.

I've heard people comment, but never been able to achieve it myself, that you can tune an arrow to shoot to a particular point in space (eg. more to the right), given consistent form by adjusting arrow spine. My experience has been you simply have to hold a little more right for self or not cut to center bows, and there will be only one arrow spine (range) that will come off the bow without interference, and fly straight without waggin. This assuming all the other stuff mentioned, decent form, smood release, tight nocks, etc. are taken care off.

For a high performance selfbows (I don't know what a molleagbet is but it sounds intimidating), decent string, good form, I'd expect you'd need no more than 50# static spine, no less than 40# for arrows 27" bop and 125 grain points.

So, did you ever get rid of the wag?
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