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Update from Captain Quint

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Update from Captain Quint

Postby Captain Quint » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:52 pm

This is an update for showing weak and new question threads.
I measured the weight of my Excel with the 35# Black Max Wood Glass limbs.
Backed out all the way it's 35-36#.
Tightened all the way down its 42#.
I did not know it would adjust that much.
Anyway I was checking the charts I have and 35# at 30" is a 1816.
42 @ 30 is 1916 - 2016 depending on arrow length.
Now I have been shooting 1816 30" at the 35# setting and they shoot good where I am looking fletched but I can't get a bare shaft to straighten out at all. Moving the NAP centershot out what ever. Different weight heads 85 gr to 125.
When I tighten it down the same with 1916 31" or 2016 31".
Any ideas.
Captain Quint
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Re: Update from Captain Quint

Postby Bender » Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:46 pm

By "straighten out" do you mean that it is still sticking in the target crooked? How crooked is crooked? If so do the fletched and bare shafts none the less group together? There is a school of thought that as long as both hit the same place you're good to go. The reasoning being that elements of the release and/or the target medium itself will lead to the bare shaft always being somewhat crooked. Also how close are you to the target?
Try 15-20 yards away, and use a homogenous target like a block of styrofoam or something. Layered targets can lead to the arrow trying to follow the seam between the layers, and bag targets aren't always so very consistent and "knots" or hard spots can give weird looking results.
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Re: Update from Captain Quint

Postby BK in TEXAS » Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:05 pm

Do you have a range of shafts and points?
Start bareshafting with the 1816 and 200 grains up front. Drop to 175, then 150 grains, down to 125 then 100.
If they all show weak, grab a 1916 and do the same. Then a 2016, etc.
Eventually you will find a shaft flying straight...unless of course your release sucks then it might be tricky......I know it is for me :roll:
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Re: Update from Captain Quint

Postby Captain Quint » Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:08 pm

I will try your ideas and see. The shafts are nock left at about 30 degrees. This is for all three shafts. The fletched fly well or as well as I can see. My release may be the problem.
Captain Quint
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