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Is it legal to start an archery group

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Is it legal to start an archery group

Postby jhannty » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:33 am

Is it legal to start an archery group with my friends? I just want to hang out with my friends and practice archery. Is this legal? Can I hold this at my house?
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Re: Is it legal to start an archery group

Postby Jim Casto Jr » Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:35 am

Well… yes, you can. Last I knew we had a rite to assemble, and hang with whomever we please. :^) Now… if you start a “club or association” with officers and dues and have regular meetings, you’ll most likely have to apply with the Secretary of States office in your state, and be required to produce a charter, by-laws and a constitution, etc. etc.
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Re: Is it legal to start an archery group

Postby Fuzzy Dog » Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:42 am

You can certainly start a group legally and you can practice anywhere it's safe to do it. Jim's right that if you get into collecting money you should, just to cut down on fights with various tax collector vermin, register as a non-profit association with your State - you have to get into serious money, like $25,000 if memory serves before the IRS gets very interested. My only suggestion is that if you're going to hold it at your place, make sure you have a liability rider on your home owner's insurance just in case somebody does something really stupid and you get stuck with the bill.
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