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Re: Longbows!

Postby andy_g » Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:58 am

I must say this habit is rather odd, and I'm not sure where it has come from, but it does seem de rigueur for warbow archers at the moment.

It was Steve who went to meet the guys and not me so I can't comment.

I have shot a lot of heavy longbows, 120#+ but with the exception of maybe pointing the bow up and pulling down the draw is pretty much the same as any other.

I should be going to a Warbow shoot in a few weeks, I will maintain a normal style and I would be willing to bet I will get the same distance regardless. I think in some ways it might be a reaction the nation body governing archery here, the GNAS, far too stuff and proper for many people and they would have a heart attack if you did something similar at an official GNAS competition.

But anything that generates any interest in the UK with regard to archery is fine by me, so long may they continue to draw a bow in any fashion they see fit.
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