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Alternatives in Instinctive Shooting

A place to discuss shooting styles, form, aiming systems, experiences, etc...

Re: Alternatives in Instinctive Shooting

Postby Bender » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:32 pm

Neo, I like how regardless of your shooting style you keep coming back to the idea of form. No matter how we shoot the need to do it the same way time and again remains the same and that is why we have form. "Just grip it and rip it!" doesn't really quite work does it?
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Re: Alternatives in Instinctive Shooting

Postby Neobowman » Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:52 am

well with me it has more to do with my neck issues so consensus correcting and checking my form is the only sure way for me to ensure consistent repeatability, that and shooting for no less than 2 no more than 3 hrs a day. i shoot a 50lb bear griz n my pearson is set at 68lb (getting best arrow flights at 68 not topped out at 70) so the duration is quite a work out for me but i endure n when my shots start scattering i strive to pull em back together again focusing on form follow thru all the above (mentally in hyper speed going over my check list)lol. for me perfect repeatability gives me consistent shooting thru soreness pain tiredness all of it. but these things are just what works for me and the only advice i have is to get out there and shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot and shoot some more cause a bow is harder than a rifle sitting off the bench even at 800 yrds for it takes more work to perfect with a bow especial a tradish string one w/o the bells and whistles on it lol.
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Re: Alternatives in Instinctive Shooting

Postby whump » Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:10 am

Whump Sez; Instinctive is there and real but there are about 3 people out of a million that can truly say they shoot that way.I can do it sometimes on a snap shot and have connected on Turkeys and deer when a quick shot was needed but I cannot rely on it from shot to shot. After years of struggling with trying to hunt with an instinctive shooting system I gave up and went to a "point on system" where I anchor under my eye. I would shoot targets in the summer and drop shot after shot in the kill zone totally ignoring the arrow and concentrating on the target----come hunting season I would try the same thing on deer and I would shoot a foot over their backs and connected with mostly spine shots. After one especially frustrating season of shooting at about 6 deer , hitting and killing only 2 of them I decided to change everything I did concerning aiming. I changed my anchor point to under my eye, and started using the point of the arrow for a reference and aiming point. My shooting on animals went from frustration, to taking 4 shots in a season and killing 4 deer, a deer with every shot---I was amazed, I had been fighting an aiming system for years and years that just did not fit me. I guess adrenalin was short circuiting my instinctive aiming process but "point on aiming" gave me a consistent aiming point that I could always go back to on every shot. I have never doubted that instinctive aiming was real, it just was not a skill I could hone to hunting perfection and I am glad I gave it up to a point on sighting system that works for me. HUNT SAFE.
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Re: Alternatives in Instinctive Shooting

Postby JackDaw » Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:59 pm

whump wrote:Whump Sez; Instinctive is there and real but there are about 3 people out of a million that can truly say they shoot that way... HUNT SAFE.

Yup, like that sling-shot dude down south, amazing he can consistently smack
pop cans outta the sky. I've shot with one archer in our club that is a natural,
he's like a robot the way his body 'remembers', his shot sequence is the same,
every single shot, every single time.
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