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Blacksheep info?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:23 pm
by Bowlim
I just picked up the two TAC risers that were in the Buy and Sell, to go with the Firefly I bought direct.

I goofed getting the BS string length right, and would appreciate any info on that. My current string is probably around 60.25-60.5 I put it that way because the way I measure them is based on the length before I loop them, but that should be close. I built it 2 inches longer than my firefly length, same limbs. Currently I am at 9 inches, and the limbs feel like they stack from the get go, so I am thinking drop it to 8 or lower. Anyone have any idea how much longer a string needs to be to drop and inch or so?

Question that comes up at the same time is about the BS grip. The one on my bow is odd compared to the one on the Firefly. My riser might be first generation. I am all for a vertical narrow grip. But this one is

a) all sharp corners so it isn't really comfortable. I can round over the corners with a router bit, or on my mill, mostly the left inside corner would need breaking, same radii as the firefly, no more. Where some of these delivered to shooters who only wanted to use grips?

b) The grip is unusually far forward which means that despite the effort to crown the shelf to line up with the button hole, the actual pressure point on the grip is about 3/8" forward. I could make a grip that would change the depth so that it was as close as possible to original specs, but under the pivot point;

c) When measuring brace height, is the grip or the button the baseline.

Re: Blacksheep info?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:19 pm
by Jim Casto Jr
You didn't mention what length limbs you have. I don't remember like I used to, but..... IIRC, the Firefly is a 19" riser and the Black Sheep is a 21". I'm petty sure there was a bit of preload built in to the pockets, so you'll need to run a little lower brace height to get the most poop out of your limbs.

Make your string 3" shorter than the AMO length of the bow and you should be right there.

I always measure brace height from the string to the throat of the grip. It doesn't matter where you measure it for your own use, just be sure to measure it at the same place.

Re: Blacksheep info?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:28 pm
by marc
A Hoyt pro fit grip fits them and bumps the pivot point back to the plunger hole. I run my firefly just under 8”