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POA will NEVER be the same again

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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby Gino Bruno » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:44 am

i don't know where to begin other than being sad and pissed at the same time. sad for obvious reasons and mad because this was supposed to be the first year that i would actually meet Burgess in person. he and i had been scheming all summer about him coming out to surprise yohon on his elk hunt. the wildfires put a damper on our plans but we figured next year he would leave dancing kathy's for a week or so to come join us chasing elk. i'd give anything to know what i know now..... regardless of all the land closures and smoke as thick as peanut butter we would have hunted elk together..... i guess hindsight is 20/20

the morning before his death i received a text from my neighbor who was in CO and had killed a monster bull. i sent TC the photo while i was in route to take my nieces and nephew to see hotel transylvania. the movie had no more than started when i received a phone call from my good friend saying that a terrible accident had happened and that they had just life flighted his 19 month old son to the hospital. i raced to the hospital just as alan was getting there.... he was a wreck. he had both his boys in the excavator digging out a pond when they were all 3 bucked out. alan got his 3.5 year old out of the way of the blade but wyatt's head was crushed under the left track. alan did cpr on him for 30 min before the chopper got there. we were led back into the private waiting room with the attending surgeon. as that was happening i felt my phone vibrate. unknown to me it was burgess' last text to me. the surgeon told us that wyatt's injuries were not survivable. long story short, i didn't see TC's text until monday.

since alan was in no shape to work, i have been filling in for him (he owns a company that does maintenance on rail cars). monday morning on my way up to the train depot i read TC's last text not knowing that he had passed just hours before. i was working for alan's company and up in that area cell service is spotty at best. but i received part of a text from yohon. on my way home that morning i received more texts from yohon's group text and tried calling him and left a voicemail asking if i was reading these texts correctly. yohon called shortly thereafter and said "you are reading that right." i felt like i had been kicked in the gut.

in some ways it seems like i have known TC for an eternity and in others it seems like it was yesterday that he, FD, several others, and myself were getting the pirates site going and getting to know each other. we have shared many long phone calls, countless emails as well as countless texts. we talked quite a bit this past summer on the phone and all he could talk about was this past summer working for Ernie. i think this summer with E and his dad were some of the best times he has had in a long time. i was really glad to hear the excitement in his voice about it.

i was stacking wood in my woodshed on Tuesday when E texted me asking if i had heard about TC. some of the emails that E texted me from burgess had me in tears.... as i read them i could hear his voice. Burgess and i had kind of a big brother little brother relationship and loved razz each other..... but there was another side to that man.... he had a caring nature for people that he was close to, almost to the point of giving the shirt off his back.his ability to put his thoughts into words was so unique and colorful.... something that i will truly miss on this site. he was the kind of man that we don't see much of these days. just a solid human being.

the text i had sent him the morning prior to his death was of a monster bull and under the pic i had said " this should have been us." i didn't read his reply due the circumstances that day. monday morning about 3:30am i read TC's text as i was driving north to the train depot to fill in for alan.... all it said was "damn!!!!..... next year....... if i live that long."

i don't think i have ever felt closer or cared as much for a person that i have never physically met. i'll sincerely miss you "old man."
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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby Fuzzy Dog » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:01 pm

Ernie, if it's any consolation, at least in the things he said to me, he didn't really hate Montana. What he really hated was the soul numbing loneliness of a Montana winter in a community he never felt part of. There were many things he found awe inspiring about Montana, and he'd occasionally talk of changing his residence to Montana, but he was part of the Eastern Shore, not Montana. The closest he came to being part of Montana, and the best time he spent out there, was this summer with you.

One of the things that was getting to him, and it gets to all of us as we get old unless we find a way to fight it off, was the loss of a sense of purpose. This summer, with you, he had one, so thank you.
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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby Yohon » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:50 pm

Damn Gino that was an ominous last text you got.......I was looking forward to killin an elk with the two of you with me.....

Well said Fuzzy....
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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby Kirkll » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:18 pm

Unfortunately i was out of town when i got the news, and had log on problems until i returned....This my delayed post here.

Anyone who had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Burgess will never forget that old boy.... I was fortunate enough to be one of them at Baltimore for 3 years. I think i was one of the few guys that actually appreciated that cowboy coffee he brewed in camp. that stuff was stronger than Texas mule piss and you could stand a spoon up in it..... I remember the first time i asked if he could brew up another pot of that stuff in the evening..... He looked at me with that look only Burgess could give you and said, " You really like that shit?" and shook his head like i was plum loco....

I'm going to miss that guy a lot.....

The one story i have to share is the evening "Kill Deer" from the TG camp came over to visit the Pirates tent in Baltimore. Now if you've ever spent much time reading TC's posts or spent any time debating anything with the man, you know he was never at a loss for words or an opinion on most any subject..... and good luck getting the last word in...... But much could be said about Kill Deer (Kathy) being the same way if you ever got to know her...... That evening Burgess decides he's going to put Kathy in the hot seat and starts firing questions at her about something of a personal nature, and she came right back at him....... everything got dead silent with a pretty good crowd lisining too.... and she comes back with "What? You guys invite me to dinner, introduce yourselves, and just expect me to put out?"

The look on Burgess's face was priceless.... he actually turned beet red with embarrasment..... It was halarious! That's the only time i ever saw anyone shut that guy done speechless.... Getting one over on Burgess wasn't easy to do...

After a long day on the trail.... a bit of fire light and a touch of whiskey looked like it was doing its job nicely here.

When you shoot the main trail in Baltimore together with the POA crowd, shooting at the stake was never an option. This one target was always a favorite. Here is a video of that same target Yohon posted earlier with all those arrows in the kill zone.... what Yohon didn't mention was that that ram was over 70 yards out there...



Here is another clip you guys may enjoy.


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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby Iktomi » Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:35 am

Well this is real sad news. I never met Burgess but always enjoyed reading his cockeyed view on things. You're right, things won't be the same without him around.

TC, that's a fine horse you have saddled, enjoy your ride to the top, buckaroo.....
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Re: POA will NEVER be the same again

Postby owlbait » Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:14 pm

been away from here a bit. The reasons aren't important. What is important to me, is to express my condolences to Burgess' family and friends. TC helped me with log on problems more than once, and even added to some of my space wasting posts. It was a privilege to exchange ideas with him. He will be missed.
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