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Barebow Legends

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Barebow Legends

Postby Stykshooter » Thu May 09, 2013 5:45 am

Joe McManus passed away this past week. Joe was one of the most cantankerous, opinionated individuals you were ver likely to run into and had a natural knack for pissing people off... but he was also one of the most interesting people you would ever share a beer with and had an absolute love of the sport of archery. He and Cay are longtime members of my local archery club, Sherwood Archers. Here is a link to a video that Jimmy Blackmon has posted on the leatherwall as a memorial. The video was shot at Sherwood at the State Open a year or so ago and it has an interview with Joe and Cay, Plus an interview with Denny Cline. The other guys sitting there by the trailer with them is Paul Vogel and of course Jimmy Blackmon. He also shows the group of them cutting up and shooting on one of our downhill field shots. (Yeah, Sherwood is THAT steep!) Its pretty amazing to realize that although this group is all Virginians (transplanted), excepting Jimmy, and even Sherwood and Virginia Bowhunter Association members, between them.... Cay, Denny, Jimmy and Paul have 100's of state, National and World titles. And... they are still competing! If you are ever out at Sherwood and see Cay and Denny's rigs parked side by side, stop in and share a cold one with them. An absolute wealth of knowledge and stories under that awning!

Here is the video link. Give it a watch sometime when you have about 15 minutes to spare.... ... CATEGORY=9
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