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Re: More Unnecessary Balderdash

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:55 pm
by tecum-tha
Bender made a great review. Still pretty polite and to the point.
I bet Dr. Quimby never read that thing, nor does he know what he would do with his research paper.

Now in another decent german forum (even with its own bowhunting section, which is in all other german archery forums a no no ), there is currently a discussion what happens when you shoot too light of an arrow. One member there owns a specialized engineering firm for dynamic numerical simulation and has access to the advanced hydrocodes which are used in dynamic analysis.
I will link two or three posts for you to click onto the animations. I will not translate, try to use google translator, which will not really work good. Anyways,in some of his previous work about bows, he can clearly show the "handshock" in the resulting graphic curves. ... #msg275233

You need to click on the graphic in the lower portion of the thread.

Here it is with arrow:
download the avi in the thread ... #msg275251

In this thread, he has a pdf to download which shows a Holmegaard Wooden Bow in the simulation, with and without arrow. ... #msg275523
You can see in the graphics thw word "Handschock", which is the handshock. Also Compare the graphics with and without arrows. These kind of stresses quickly kill any bow!