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bow raffle benefit for NASP

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bow raffle benefit for NASP

Postby randy grider » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:43 pm

One of KTBA's members, Kevin Brown, is doing a neat bowbuildalong on another website, pretty neat, and informative with pictures and some video. Kevin, as well as Indiana's own Mike Miller, have each donated raffle bows for the past several years at the Tyler Roberts shoot in August. KTBA has raised in excess of $10,000 for NASP since we have been doing the Tyler shoot, donated raffle and silent auction items have raised most of this money.

Kevin and Mike's custom bow donations have created the lions share of these raised monies.

All of the raised money has been given to schools in need of equipment, sometimes a request for replacement arrows,targets, and in several cases we have completly out fitted a school with bows and all equipment. There is at least 3 schools that we did that with. Those schools most likely would not have a program today if not for those donations. Hoew many youngsters would that have isolated from our sport? 200? 500? 1,000?

We will never know. visit the posted link, ... gbow-build and feel free to chime in. Just a little sparked intrest could generate a good return, for a good cause.

The added bonus, if you purchase a raffle ticket as well, is the chance at taking home one of these fine bows.

Its a win/win proposition!


randy grider
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Re: bow raffle benefit for NASP

Postby Mann » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:17 am

How can we buy tickets?
I won't be able to make the shoot, but would like to get some tickets.
The two bowyers Randy is talking about here are our own pirates Crooked Stic and kcbrown. 8-)

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