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Neat Bow!

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Neat Bow!

Postby Stykshooter » Sun May 24, 2009 10:51 am

Our archery club hosted the state open tournament this weekend. I was getting ready to do the opening ceremonies yesterday morning when I spotted a gentleman with a really nice looking Bear Tamerlane in the crowd. As soon as I got the chance I cornered him to check out the bow. It had a unique looking piece of bright green wood where a lot of them have the rosewood plus a real unique accent stripe running between the two pieces of riser wood. I noticed on the top of the riser on the sight window side was stamped “DISPLAY” deeply into the riser wood itself.

I had never seen this before and asked the guy about it. He said that many years ago Fred Bear was going to Maryland to do some fishing with a guy who lived there. He meant to bring a bow with him to give to the guy as a way of saying thanks for taking him fishing but evidently it slipped his mind or something. He ran back into the shop and grabbed this bow off of the display rack and took it to Maryland with him. At the end of the fishing trip he gave it to the guy. The recipient eventually moved away from Maryland to Smith Mountain Lake here in Virginia. The present owner said he received a phone call a month or so ago from the bow’s owner. He said that the guy had heard he shot traditional equipment and that he has too old to shoot the bow himself anymore so he gave it to him with one condition. He said he had shot the bow continuously since it had been given to him and he wanted it to continue to be shot. Don’t hang it on the wall and when he was done shooting it he was to pass it on to someone else who would shoot it.

Pretty cool bow and story.
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Re: Neat Bow!

Postby BK in TEXAS » Sun May 24, 2009 11:03 am

That's pretty cool, actually.

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