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A few Kodiak Mags

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Re: A few Kodiak Mags

Postby Jett » Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:45 pm

I always wanted a '66 Super Mag, but I always got out bid. I finally broke down and bought a new one from 3rivers. They are challenging to shoot, but I took 3 deer & 2 turkeys with it the 1st year. Also, numerous small game & I ticked a pheasant on the wing with it. But I haven't shot it much since. I did have one memorable shot with earlier this winter. A big old feral tomcat had been hanging around causing trouble & I had chased him off my back porch one morining after work (about 3:30 am) & the SOB had come at me. I decided, enough is enough, & came in & grabbed this 1st bow handy which just happened to be the Super Mag. I grabbed a full length carbon & screwed on ruuber blunt. When I went back out, I saw the cat from halfway down the steps (these are 2nd story steps) run under the trailer that my dad's large sail boat was on. He was under the tongue & there was clutter around & could only see about a softball size of white about 16/17yds from where I was standing. I was pretty sure I'd miss but thought maybe I could spook him out & I had a field point ready for a killing shot. Well, I drew back & let fly. And hit him square! I swear that cat went straight up 18 or 19 feet! He cleared the boat cabin which was 17' off the ground! He let out a glass shattering howl & disappeared into the night at about 30 mph, LOL!

The shot didn't kill him; I saw him the next day, limping with a golf ball size lump just back of his shoulder. As soon as he saw he forgot the limp & got out of Dodge! The old man took him out later with an air rifle. Looks like my practice shooting off those steps paid off.

But that said, I think the vintage Super Mags are a far better proposition. The one I got is the only modern Gainsville Bear I own. It came with a FF string & the tips are so wide & thick to accomodate this it makes the bow fairly sluggish. The finish is okay, but nothing like the old ones. The grip is good. But it's about the most unforgiving Bear I've ever shot, and not just because it's short (I've shot many short bows). I've thought about taking those tips down to see if that would improve it's performance any. It does improve its stability to have a heavy bow quiver attached. All in all, it's not godawful, but it could be a helluva lot better IMO.

I'd really like to compare it with a vintage model; but I already have a pretty good idea of the outcome. I also dislike stabs, and thoughts of drilling a cavaity & filling it with lead but thought it would probably weaken the riser & cause it to fail. I dunno. But I haven't wanted any of the modern Bears since!

Like I've said before, there are a few of the tail-end Graylings I like. Performance wise. As for looks & craftsmanship they definitely are lacking compared to the earlier Bears.

But I gotta say, my Super Mag has performed well for me: It's just the knowledge that it could be so much better that gnaws at me. I guess I keep because of the good season I had with it.

Well, I'm gonna try & get some K-Mag pics tonight that (hopefully) will better than my last pics. Why doesn't anyone like my bow pics? LOL!
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Re: A few Kodiak Mags

Postby KODIAK » Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:15 pm

Oh my God thats friggen hilarious! :lol: :lol: I am constantly amazed at what those cats can do. So nimble and can explode into the air making gravity just an afterthought..

I shot a new Supermag 48 at Cabelas about a month ago. My impressions were that it was quite abit quicker than the old ones(because of the FF string I'm sure), had an AWFUL grip, was louder than hell and the fit and finish was sub-par. :lol:

Every new Bear I've ever shot has that godawful, almost "pointy" feeling grip. Really uncomfortable...for me anyway. Even the new Deluxe Takedown has it. :shock:

Lamont at the Footed Shaft had a '66 SuperMag hanging from his ceiling that was an #85er!! He tried to sell it to me a few times but I always said no. I finally went in there to buy it, because of its rarity, and he had just sold! That bow would have been a true conversation piece.

Btw, were there bows in your bow pic Jett??? I couldn't tell. lol :P :P
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