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Old Bear archery arrow boxes

PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:50 am
by DIY_guy
More precisely I have a question about the bear arrows boxes that came out of the Grayling MI plant. Im trying to age/date the styles of arrow boxes they used. I have several styles of arrow boxes and some show a Bear Razorhead on the arrow on the side of the box but I am trying to figure out if the boxes that depict a different broadhead on the arrow on the side of the box (not the bear razorhead) are older. I can assume the boxes that show what looks like a zwickey head are older and precede the release of the Razorhead. Also I am wondering when the green arrow boxes came to be. If there is some one here with knowledge of such matters I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you watch this old video of one of Fred Bear’s hunts you will see the arrow box being used in camp and it appears to have the Bear razorhead on the box. Fast forward to the 13:15 minute mark on the video to see the arrow box.

Here is a pic of what I assume to be the older version of the arrow box with a generic broadhead depicted.


What I assume to be the box that came out after the Razorhead was released.


All three boxes (generic broadhead, razorhead broadhead and green boxs) have “Grayling Michigan”) on them. I just don’t know in which order they were produced.