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8pt 2007

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8pt 2007

Postby whump » Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:01 pm

Whump sez; I had been hunting an area where there was a lot of buck sign and I had seen evidence of a very large buck in the area, because of this I had let a lot of small deer walk [ like the spikes or 4pts I sometimes post pictures of] I have no problem shooting smaller deer for the freezer ,but if see activity of a large buck the smaller deer get a pass. The date was january 24th and season was coming to a close so I had decided to go ahead and whack a doe or smaller deer if they showed up. I had been letting deer walk for over 2 months and enough was enough. My hunting time had consisted of getting in the stand before daylight and staying up until about 11am and then calling it a day and I had seen no sign of the bigger buck using that area [as in seeing the actual buck.]

On the 24th I decided to go in about 8am and stay up until 2pm to see if the larger deer were moving later in the day. At 1:15pm I look up and see a large mature doe walking out of the thicket about 60yds from me walking down a trail leading toward my stand, about the time she clears the thicket there is about a 150 class buck following along so I get ready to take a shot if it happens. Behind the big boy is an 8pt, behind him is a 6pt and a broken rack buck, a 4pt and 2 spikes----[I am about to drop a clinker at this point ] The doe makes a right hand turn down a draw about 40yds from my stand and the 150 class fellow follows, I am pissed at this point because they should have wandered right by my stand and the chain of smaller bucks follow, suddenly the big guy makes a run at the 8pt and he is now standing 10ft from the base of my tree and I am only about 10ft up, I can hear him breathing and he just stands there under me watching Mr. 150 and smaller bucks are scattered all over. I am watching a string on my bow for the wind and I have it so I don't shoot, hoping the 150 guy will move up another 10 yds so I can take a shot. 150 turns around and starts walking back toward the doe. I see the 8pt under me start to take a step out of the thicket in front of me so I figure if I want meat it's now or never, I draw and shoot double lunging him. He runs directly away from me and falls over dead as a mackerel , the broken rack deer walks over to him, sniffs and beds down beside him. I sit back down thinking the show is over and look to my left and the 150 did not even run off, he is making a scrape about 60yds from me and working over some low hanging limbs. Now I'm breathing like that 8pt after he got chased under my stand.
I see a six point start toward the big boy and he chases him in the same spot the 8pt was standing---right under me. I am standing up again and I can almost get a shot at the trophy staring down the 6pt but there are too many limbs in the way and the 6 is standing around oblivious that I am even around. I watch in complete pissed off ness as the 150 and the doe wander farther and farther away ,then a spike moves forward and the big buck chases him up next to the 6pt and I can almost get a shot at the big guy again. Then he wanders off back to the doe , the bedded deer next to my dead deer gets up and goes in a completely different direction and the show is over. They spread out, some going behind me where they catch my scent and the hunt is finished. The deer was so close the ramin arrow with the magnus 1 4bld was not out of paradox ,so even though I got a double lung shot I barely got a stick out on the off side. This is not the biggest buck I have taken but no other hunts compare in the excitement.
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Re: 8pt 2007

Postby superkodiak38 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:59 am

Great story, and you got a great show... very cool
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