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A couple from a few yrs back

Feel free to post your hunting pictures from years gone by.

A couple from a few yrs back

Postby Hookeye » Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:32 am

The last deer I took with trad gear (think it '04 due to shoulder problems that worsened- causing an almost complete drop from archery for about 5 yrs. Laying off and an odd move caused a blinding flash and major pain, and my shoulders have been fine since). Still, it was excrutiating to practice then so this doe was quite a trophy for me. 2010 marks my return to shooting normal, and going back to recurves. I had to run compounds, shoot very little to hunt those higher pain years.


One of the two 8 pointers I popped with another SA2 (doe taken with 57#, this buck taken with a 55#). The amount of time and money I've spent for such a small antler yield is rather embarassing. I've never popped a buck over 100" net with any bow :oops:

Only late season buck I ever took with bow, super cold that day, spined him (he had a crippled back leg-fused, maybe a car hit earlier in the year- had dropped a bunch of weight so I nuked him). Am still slightly PO'd some jerk at the processor's took my vert with Snuffer centered and sticking out other side). Thought he was down and out, climbed down for finisher and all Hell broke loose. Damn near hand to hand in a bunch of saplings to the right. Finally got one in behind shoulder (it was during this mess I learned deer growl and that small deer look like a bull moose when pissed off!)

Due to having Brown's Syndrome I detest frigging cameras (left eye doesn't turn left) so this is a rare pic of me smiling.
It was one of relief, not joy, but I don't look all Marty Feldman so enjoy.


Did shut down some tard on Myspace forum a while back, told him I'd kill a 100# dressed doe the next day, top o' the heart and he called BS (this my fave spot, hunted it for yrs). Posted this by 11 am. So that was kinda cool. Snuffer SS 125gr.


And lastly, my bud at a shop is all about PSE (staff guy), and we had a wager on who'd draw blood first (his coworker and I shooting Hoyt). So when I did we put this on all the shops PC's for when he came in.

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Re: A couple from a few yrs back

Postby whump » Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:20 am

Whump Sez; Nice kills , and don't get too frustrated about not killing P&Y bucks, I shoot quite a few small deer and enjoy it. I have also taken a couple of good ones but I would rather do a little shooting than sit all season waiting on a 150 class that might never come around and if you hunt public land someone rambling thru the area can screw up a seasons worth of set up and preparation . If you have your own secluded or private land then if you have big bucks on the brain , go for it. I scout an area out I am going to hunt and if see no signs of big bucks I take what comes along and grill deer meat. The main thing about anything you do is to please yourself and try to enjoy a season of hunting without a shit load of frustration. Hunt safe.
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