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Attention all WTT staff, entrants and attendees

This forum is dedicated to exchanging information for the Walk the Talk event.

Attention all WTT staff, entrants and attendees

Postby Kenro » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:22 pm

WTT III is now in the books and so begins the process of another year of "getting back to the drawing board"till WTT IV. To further extend the goal of refinements and improvements on the bows we build striving to raise the bar yet another notch. For many, that very goal was achieved in the process of learning and sharing in all the countless hours spent in the "bowyer’s gallery" right here at POA. For other first timers of the WTT event, the bar seems to have started somewhere very close to the top already. Again proving that through the process collectively sharing in both actual designs and using ones own theory’s can put together some remarkable hunting and target bows. Great job to all who entered WTT III.
The video DVD is in the process so that we can bring it to all of you that weren’t able to attend but were there in spirit by sending a bow in to be involved with WTT. I know Ben will do his best to bring the event back to life for all of us who were there and to then include all those who weren’t able to attend. So a BIG THANKS to Ben for all the time and patients to bring us back these memories of good times, meeting new friends and the proof of the payoff of a years worth of planning, trial & error and hard work.
I want to take some space here for a few honorable mentions. (And in no particular order) First, to my wife and daughter, for all the help in preparations and for having the patients with me during the time leading up to WTT III. They both had to endear a little more absence from me to be able to take the time in prep for the event.
Second- to this entire years WTT staff. Without having you guys in my corner on event day to back me up there’s no way it’s possible for one person to host this event. Thanks to Marc for all of the help and prep leading up to and including the day of WTT III. Setting up the bows at the exact brace heights getting the strings on and switched and almost resulted in getting some workman’s comp. :shock: :lol: to Jim, for all the mapping and charting of all the bows. This is a lot of work to FDC all the bows that were in the event and to give WTT a more "professional" atmosphere. To TJ, for giving us the exact grain of arrows for the bows and to do it at a hectic pace to keep with the flow of the bows in and out of the machine. This young man had his work cut out for him and did a fine job at that. And to all the rest of the guys and gals that didn’t hesitate to lift a helping hand and for the concern that we had everything we needed. To Aaron, Marc, Tracy, Jim, Dave, Lori….and the list goes on (I just can’t think of all the names) for all the great food and drinks. No one went hungry or thirsty that’s for sure. :D To Lancaster Archery Supply for sponsoring us the strings for the event. This saved me a ton of time and materials. To Bob Kerr for the donation of the custom built turkey call for the give away drawing. And to all the rest who donated just a little more to the event, to all of you, thank you. It meant a lot to me to have all your support.
Well I think its time for me to pass the WTT torch to one of you. I think through the last few years we have collectively evolved “WTT bow tests” into something more than where it began. This couldn’t have been done without the people who started it. I’m sure the creators would have never guessed that this event would have ever turned into something more like a family reunion in the process of evaluating the equipment of our passion and in turn creating great friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s been a great joy and pleasure to be part of the last two years of the event. I can hardly wait to see where we will be reuniting next year.
Ken Rohloff
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