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some pics

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Re: some pics

Postby Kirkll » Sat May 02, 2009 7:13 am

TJ's Mom wrote:Jim, I think that's a great glasses a must! No matter how hard you try to be carefull, you can never predict what might happen. My father lost his eye due to an accident when he was a kid and I've told T how important it is to protect your eyes...Depth perception is diminished once you loose sight in one eye and that would make everything much more difficult! Plus you're right about the event being finished at that point...not much fun when anyone gets hurt!

That's EXACTLY what Marc did after he took a shot was put his glasses back on... he was actually wearing them off and on before the incident. It was just so dark in there we needed the yellow shooters glasses to be able to see good. Marc had dark sun glasses going.

Its a good thing we had Pirates Band-aids on hand. :lol:


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