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Tested two bows?

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Tested two bows?

Postby MrZen » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:50 pm

What do you know about the BW PSR and the LaClair Grayling Spirit 50s style recurves. I want to buy such a recurve for my still hunting. Is the PSR really as fast and easy to shoot as my trusty but heavy SA?
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Re: Tested two bows?

Postby Gino Bruno » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:20 am

i have put a ton of different bows through my shooting machine including 2 SAs and 1 SR (56"). looking back at my notes, the SAs shot an average of 178fps at 10gr/lb @28"..... the SR shot 174 under the same parameters. though neither bows are all that fast, the difference between the two is so little that i think you would only notice it when shooting through a chrono.

it was easier for me to shoot the SA better due to the size and physical weight of the bow. the little SR was even louder than the SAs and was a little shocky for a recurve.... i think because it was a little more violent to shoot, it actually made the SR feel faster though that wasn't the case. as far as trusty goes, i think it would be hard to go wrong with a widow.... they are pretty dang tough bows.

the only laclair i have tested was a super shrew.
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