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This forum is dedicated to exchanging information for the Walk the Talk event.


Postby LBR » Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:13 pm

Ok, I goofed. I was supposed to make a string for WTT, but I've lost my notes and don't know what to make or where to send it. Can someone help me out?


Re: String

Postby jwillis » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:09 pm

If you are submitting a bow in the "open" class you need to provide a string with a minimum of six strands that will brace the bow to a minimum brace height of 6". But, if you are sending a bow to any of the other classes, just send it with a "shooting" string--one that can be used for hand shooting the bow--in these classes, we will provide a string for testing. Go to this WTT thread to see how and where to send the bows... viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9679 Jim

Here are the details from the WTT4 info thread...
(same as last year unless we vote to make changes)
1. There will be four separate categories in which to enter: 1) "All wood/primative", 2) "Glass skinned", 3) "Carbon", and 4) "OPEN". In the "OPEN" class ANYTHING goes and the specs of brace height and strand count is the only limitation--a minimum brace height of 6" and a minimum of a six strand string that the bowyer provides. This class is only searching for a winner and does not reflect an actual bow test or comparison. Any bows entered in any of the other classes may also enter the "open" class and re-brace the bow to 6". All other classes will have a minimum brace of 6 3/4".
2. We will re-use the strings provided last year by Lancaster Archery Supply. They are each made of the same material and strand count. Although we will provide all strings for testing, please send a string with your bow for the hand shooting session. It will be returned to you with your bow.
3. There will be a "PURDY" bow contest. We will have a ballet box where all participants will vote (not for their own :roll: ) and the votes will be counted at the end of the contest.
4. $20.00 entry fee per person. (There is no additional charge for additional bows, but please keep the number of bow entries within reason.) The entry fee includes one t-shirt shipped to you (see t-shirt request form below) and the rest will help offset costs for the event.

(same as 2009 unless we vote to make changes)
1. All bows will be tested using an unfletched arrow that is 10 gpp +/- 2gr. ( do not send an arrow) I will provide an arrow for each bow.
2. Bows will be drawn using the AMO standard...measured 26-1/4" from the deepest part of the grip to the string.
3. Strings will be provided for all the bows in the regular classes. If you are entering a bow for the open class, you must provide a string of at least six strands that will brace the bow to a minimum of 6". The bowyer must also specify what brace to use if more than 6" is recommended for that bow. The other classes require a minimum of 6-3/4" brace height on all bows.
4. All bows and arrows will be measured using the same scales prior to the competition. PLEASE keep bows under 60# if possible.
5. All bows will be shot on a stationary shooting machine with a release aid for a five shot average.
6. Unstrung, braced, and full-draw photos will be taken of each bow. These will be posted in a results thread a
7. A force-draw curve of each bow will plotted. Wood bows will only be weighed at brace height and full-draw. They will not be held at each inch or pulled beyond 28". These will be posted in a results thread a

Re: String

Postby LBR » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:37 pm

I was asked to make a string for someone, and I can't remember the details. I'm not sending anything for testing.


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