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Bow Bolt installation

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:49 pm
by 4nolz
I wrote an article a few years ago for The Bowyers Journal.TBJ was bought and renamed TradArcher's World (different content).Anyway I was surprised to see the article for download on the website.If you want it print it out.

Re: Bow Bolt installation

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:09 pm
by 4nolz
well its gone-here it is reposted I will re-add photos if I can find them


The Bow Bolt,created and developed by Craig Warren of Black Timber Bows is a unique 2 piece takedown system

ideal for small riser'd bows.Unlike other 2 piece systems currently available,it is integral and independent of

riser deflex.The Bow Bolt is available in 3/4" and 5/8" sizes.Properly installed it is virtually invisible

and is quickly becomming the industry standard among custom bowyers.But! It can be purchased directly from

Craig and YOU can install it in YOUR bows! Let's do one!

There are 2 basic methods.The first method involves installing the bolt after glueing up and roughing

out your bow.



keeping a straight edge on at least one surface of your riser,mark the shelf,center,and the location of the bolt.

(the bolt does not have to be 90 degrees to the centerline as pictured,it should be positioned in your

riser so it will have a minimum of 1/8" between the riser edge and the bolt).


We go ahead and install any riser overlays at this point.

Now cut the bow in half as marked!

At this point,we mark the riser ends for drilling to place the bolt in the riser.


Drilling the riser is the most importantstep! It is imperative the holes be drilled perpendicular and in line

with each other for the system to work.The best method is to tilt the drill press platform 90 degrees to ensure

the clamping edge is 90 degrees to the drill bit arbor.


Remember,when firmly clamping the riser's straight edge to the platform,to also keep the cut surface perpendicular

to the drill bit itself.Use the appropriate size forstner bit (3/4" or 5/8")to drill 1 1/4" holes in the cut surface

(it helps to add another 1/32"to the depth to allow for epoxy) of the riser.


At this point take the bow bolt itself apart to familiarize yourself with it.The "male" end goes in the bottom 1/2

of the riser.It has a "half-moon" mark on it that lines up with a mark on the "female" end of the bolt.These should

be positioned to the rear of the riser.Clean the bolt thoroughly with acetone and re-assemble prior to installation.

I use MT-13 epoxy which is designed for wood to metal adhesion,mixed as labeled.Coat the bolt surface and the hole

surfaces.Insert the bolt in the proper position and clamp firmly to a rigid straight-edged surface for curing.Be sure

to clean excess epoxy off the bolt flanges to avoid glueing the bolt together!


After curing take the bow apart,clean up the the cut surfaces and bolt flanges.Then epoxy the micarta butt plates

(supplied) in place using the assembled bow to provide pressurewhile the epoxy cures.Finish shape and sand the

assembled bow and finish as usual.


A second method,useful for making multiple bows,involves installing the bow bolt prior to glue-up.Install wood

filler pieces (provided) and build the riser and bow as usual,including placing riser overlays.Now,take a hack

saw and cut through the overlays into the filler pieces.Take the bow apart,pick out the filler pieces and

install the micarta as in the first method.



Installing the Bow Bolt is not as daunting a task as it seems at first.After completing your first installation

you will be a pro!Craig's website has complete step by step instructions and complete instructions are included

with the bolt.The website also has directions for retrofitting completed bows.I have found the system to be the

most versatile system available-the first method is easier (in my opinion) but is also less forgiving of minor

errors whereas the second method is more suited to setting up and drilling multiple risers at one time.The

retrofit is a unique trait of the bow bolt compared to other 2 piece systems as well.Craig warren is very helpful

and willing to share his experience and knowledge and stands behind his product.You can reach craig by writing

Black Timber Bows, 369 Falmouth Road, Falmouth,ME 04105 or by email at