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SuperTiller build along

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Re: SuperTiller build along

Postby jwillis » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:21 am

TJ, these screen shots show the updates that I made tonight to fix the riser thicknesses. This is the .002 taper bow. It is interesting that the profiles look a little different than the actual bow fact they look better than the actual bow unfortunately. You can see the figures changed in the red circle for points 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. And in the report chart on the lower right you can see how the base of the limb is now staying straighter.

002 taper with the riser thicknesses fixed...
002 taper with the riser thicknesses fixed...

Here is the next taper comparison... an .006 taper. Notice how the tip is bending more than the 002 and 004 taper. Also notice on the curves that it (the blue line) is storing less energy. In this comparison you can see the cause and effect of the tips bending more and making the string angle larger.

And here is a final comparison... an .006 taper with a 8" .060 tip wedge. Notice how the tip is bending less than 006 without a wedge. This now shows how the tip wedge has fixed the bending problem in the tips. Notice on the curves that it (the blue line) is storing more energy.

I ran tests all of the way up to 006 taper with an 090 wedge. Peak draw force was highest at 006 with the 090 wedge. I'm sure that real world testing might possibly show deminishing returns on the the thicker wedges?

I will point out another confusing thing about the program. When you push "Copy Run" and make changes to the profile and run the program again to compare two profiles, Run #1 is actually the last run and Run #2 is actually the first run. Unless I am grossly mistaken, looking at the data points on the chart seems to confirm this is true. I'm sure you will figure this out as well.

Hopefully, this has shown the basics in using Supertiller. There are several features that I didn't show and some that I have never used myself. I'll try to answer any questions. The instructions pdf explains how to read all of the charts and graphs. This is a really cool program. There are a lot of things you can learn by playing with different settings and tweaking your designs.
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