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'09 winter shoot sign up list

Scores will be posted here on a weekly basis. The '09 league will be held for 5 weeks and the first set of scores are due on the 25th of January.

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    This is a 20 yard 300 round using NFAA blue face targets.

'09 winter shoot sign up list

Postby Gino Bruno » Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:17 pm

ok guys, this is open to anyone that wants to participate...... it is a great way to guage your shooting ability as well as your progress......

if you have never done this before, you should give it a try..... it is pretty fun. don't be affraid to enter because of what you think your scores might be........ you will see some scores that can barely break 100 and some that will be in the 280s (world class for barebow). bottom line is this is all in good fun.

i am thinking that the first round of scores will be turned in on the 25th of this month to allow guys to get things together and buy the targets if they don't have them...... having said that, this is for everyone and if you guys want to start it this week, it is up to you.... we can take a vote on it in this thread but we need to get rolling now if that is the case.

classes will be as follows:

single string, barebow

single string, sighted


you can use any bow you want that falls into that category and you can shoot multiple categories.

in order to sign up, you need to PM me....... make sure to include the category, the bow used, the weight of the bow, and the arrow combo and i will get you listed right away

scores need to be PM'd to me no later than sunday of each week.... make sure to include the score and number of "Xs" for each category.

also, see the format thread if you are not sure how the shoot works.
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