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Wing Thunderbird 62" 50#

This is your own personal Pirate yard-sale.

Wing Thunderbird 62" 50#

Postby stagmitis » Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:35 am

$150 Serial # TS 1859 Pics upon request

Overall good condition with typical crazing in limbs,some sight holes filled and quiver inserts in limbs. Finish is pretty good for bow its age. I have owned it for many years and only shot it once when I bought it.

Here is a post I found on another site in regards to the bow.

"The old time Wing Thunderbird was one the most solid in the hand shooting recurves that I had the pleasure to shoot and I have one in #49 Pound, like new; that toxinite handle (bowling ball material-compressed linen) made for a dead solid, no recoil shooting machine.
There is an almost Cult Following of the Wing Thunderbirds because they were such solid shooters.

They had to compete on the market with the Bear Super Kodiak back in the day and you don't have to ask which bow controled most of the market; it wasn't the Thunderbird."

Get the Bow Doc or Drop Tine to redo one of these and you won't want to take it to the woods.

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