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A prostitute gets married.

Does this need explaining?

A prostitute gets married.

Postby MOUNTER » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:46 pm

A former prostitute with a rather well used vagina that has been somewhat stretched, is given a proposal of marriage by a man she meets in a bar one night.
She thinks it over, and she decides to accept his proposal.
Her private parts are somewhat oversized from her former occupation, but she decides to approach the problem after they are married.
On their wedding night, she explains the problem by saying that when she was a small child; she got her privates caught on some barbed wire while climbing over a fence, which explains why her vagina is so big.
They make wild and passionate love for most of the night, and in the early hours of the morning, her husband, after regaining his breath, turns to her and says, “I can understand your private parts being stretched by this barbed wire, my dear, but just HOW far across the field were you before you noticed?”
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