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Pepper Crusted Venison

PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:44 pm
by lone_wolf
One of my favorites:

What you will need:
- Wood toothpicks
- Bacon
- Big spoonful of course black pepper
- Small spoonful of garlic salt
- Small spoonful of cayenne
- Some quality olive oil
- Some venison steaks (Tender loins are the obvious choice! I don't marinate as I only use the good cuts for this recipe)

What to do:
- Get your grill hot with a bit of olive oil
- Mix the dry stuff in a bowl
- Put some olive oil in a second bowl
- Cut your steaks thick (1-2")

- Wrap bacon around the edge of the steaks and secure with the toothpicks
- Rub some olive oil on the tops and bottoms
- Dip one side of the steak in the spices and shake off excess

- Put the steaks spice side down in the grill. Sear them good. A few minutes.
- Flip them and sear other side. Another few minutes.
- Lower heat and cook them to how you like them.

That's it! Time to eat.