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TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

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TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby Gino Bruno » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:55 am

this was posted by pete ward and was suggested that this be placed as a sticky.

There is a diference between Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint.
For restraint we are talking about preventing a fall, like the Linesmans belt.
Very limited movement for you .
In fall arest we are looking at a drop, and this is why we must use a shock absorber. Without it the forces generated would crush major arteries and cause massive damage. With fall arrest we have mobility, but with mobility we have the possibility of a drop.
In a drop situation the free fall causes our body weight to exert huge force when we got to the end of the rope , so to speak.
One of the contributing factors to getting bruised/hurt in a drop situation is improper harness adjustment. Harnesses need to be adjusted to fit snug, not to be comeforatable ! {LOOSE}
A sky diver does not wear a loose harness for the same reasons .
Improperly adjusted harnesses can cause damage , and can allow you to be hung upside down, or spilled out of them.
The chest strap should be about nipple height to keep you from being spilled out.
The "D" ring should be between the shoulder blades, not low on the back, to keep you upright.
The leg straps should be snug enough to just let you slip your flat hand under them, and be on each side of the family jewels.

The tether strap should be as high as possible on the tree, to minimize the free fall distance.

Most hunters do not wear a harness properly .

The old belts that were used caused major internal damage on a fall and would allow you to be upside down, spilled out, and suffocated.
Vest only type systems are not for fall arrest, these are for fall restraint,In a free fall you can and likely will slide out of them rather quickly.

Wear a proper full body harness, PROPERLY.
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby Hank » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:46 am

How do you hook them to the bed when you are having (what I call) "tree stand sex" ?

Would it be better to anchor a large eye bolt into the wall?

thanks for the post
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby KCummings » Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:28 pm

Excellent post but Pete should have chosen a different messenger.


Isn't Gino the guy that uses a hang-on for chimney repair??


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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby KCummings » Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:37 pm

Oh, and by the way Hank...this is the only safety equipment you need for sex.


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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby 815wanggaoshu » Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:19 am

Thank you for sharing
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby Bowjack » Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:54 pm

One thing I might add that I have never read anywhere, but I have experienced when testing my harness. Many times I have worn my harness under my outer garment, because I would put the last layer on when I was in my stand to prevent over heating.

However, when testing from a very, very short short drop ( 1 foot) and hanging, if the harness is worn underneath your clothing, the collar of the outer garment when fully zipped up constricts the carotid arteries, and the trachea.This would be a very bad situation to be in while hanging after a real fall. You would have about 4 seconds before lack of blood to the brain causes unconsciousness, and then certain death if not relieved.

I have experienced this when testing 2 different harnesses at very low heights, but where I could stand up and relieve the pressure if needed. I would not want to be hanging from a trees when this happens especially since you are likely to be dazed from any impact and jolt from the fall.

I now wear my harness on the outside of my garments.

I recommend everyone test their harness by hanging 2 steps up their ladder. It is better to discover a failure there than in a real emergency.
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby BK in TEXAS » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:54 pm

A Wisconsin guy narrowly escaped this year.... ... fter-fall/
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Tree Stand story...

Postby Nalgi » Sun May 20, 2012 5:24 pm

Great info. As a HEI for 18 years, tree stand safety has become an important part of the class.


We were bear hunitng in Canada a fews years back. Since we hunt in tree stands we are always strapped in. My buddy had a sow and cub come into the bait. A Boar came in and all hell broke loose! The cub ran up a tree...guess which one? Yup my buddy's. The Boar and Sow had a wild kingdom moment a tore the crap out of each other. The Boar took off and Momma started looking for her baby. My buddy was now tied to a tree, with a cub above and a sow below! Good thing for radios, he put out a May Day and we all got there in time to get him out of the tree before he became bear bait!

So which is worse? Falling out of a tree or being tied to one???
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby iron mike » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:12 am

i read an article somewhere recently about the dangerous effects of being susspended in a harness. it seems that after a little while the circulation gets cut off to the legs,where the largest veins and muscles have the most blood in the body, after a little while that blood becomes dead blood,no oxygen in it, cause the leg muscles spent it,then when you get out of the harness and take a few steps that dead blood circulate up to you heart and your heart craps out and you croak.think i remember it was a climbing harness for rock climbers,not sure. mike
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Re: TREESTAND SAFETY....... a "must read"

Postby arrowlauncherdj » Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:46 am

That is what that suspension relief strap is for that hangs off the back of the harness, you put your foot in it and stand up taking all that weight off your legs. I always push my strap up as high as I can on the tree so if I do fall, I will fall like 6", not a couple feet. In fact, when I sit down, I can feel a slight tension on the strap. I cannot fathom how one would have to hang there for a very long time unless the stand completely broke and fell to the ground. That is why I always carry extre tree steps with me as well. I'll get down that damn tree somehow, if I have to screw in one tree step at a time til I get close enough to hop down.

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